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hire us for any / all of the following

brand design

Go from an idea to a real brand with our experienced design team, led by head designer (and muralist extraordinaire), Alfredo Martinez.

We have taken hundreds of ideas from our clients over the years and created living, breathing brand identities that their audiences connect with.

Brand Design

screen printing & Embroidery

Our original service. Each garment is printed in-house by our team. While we prefer to source them ourselves, we do accept certain garments from clients for printing and embroidery.

Screen printing

Ecommerce & Marketing

A pile of beautifully printed or embroidered garments is nothing but an expense if you don't have the means to sell them. We will make you a professional and attractive website to sell with.

But, since "if you build it, they will come" doesn't apply in e-commerce, we'd love to set up a proper marketing plan for paid and/or organic traffic.

Murals & signage

Alfredo is a long-time artist and muralist whose sharp, vivid work speaks for itself.

Reinvent your business with a permanent piece of art like some of these people did.

ecom & mktg
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